Martin, William

Martin, William


Bangor and District War Memorial


The name William Martin is commemorated in First Bangor Presbyterian Church and the names Martin, W and Martin, W.J. are both inscribed on Bangor and District War Memorial.

Gunner William James (Willie) Martin (No. 1475556) who was killed in action on 25 April 1942 was baptised in First Bangor Presbyterian Church.

Desk searches and public appeals to date have provided no further information about Martin, W and it may be that W. Martin and W.J. Martin are one and the same person.

The Second World War Memorial Plaque on Bangor and District War Memorial was not unveiled until November 1967 and this accounts for some of the omissions and inaccuracies in the list of inscribed names.

The procedure used to compile the list of names is described under the name Lowry, G.E. in this website.