Martin, J.W.

Martin, J.W.


Regent House School, Newtownards


The name J.W. Martin is commemorated on the Second World War Memorial Plaque in Regent House School, Newtownards.  Pre-Second World War the only J.W. Martin listed in the Regent House School Register is Joseph Wesley Martin and his details are recorded as follows:

Admission number:                     957

Date of admission:                      19 September 1939

Date of birth:                                    4 February 1926

Place of birth:                              Donaghadee

Address:                                         High Street, Donaghadee

Name of Guardian:                   Mrs Stewart (Grandmother), Fruit Merchant

Previous School attended:    PES No. II Donaghadee

Class on admission:                  III B

Examinations passed:              None

Class reached:                            IV C

Date of leaving:                           31 January 1941

Remarks:                                    Insurance Office

There is compelling evidence to suggest that Joseph Wesley Martin was the name used by Ronald Victor Joseph Martin when he attended Regent House School.

Ron Talley (a nephew of Ronald Victor Joseph Martin) has commented that he is ‘one hundred percent sure’ Joseph Wesley Martin and Ronald Victor Joseph Martin are one and the same person.

Why Ronald Victor Joseph Martin would have been enrolled at Regent House School as Joseph Wesley Martin is not known.