Jones, Spencer (No. 6981965)

Jones, Spencer


No. 6981965, 2nd Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Killed in action on Monday 9 October 1944 (aged 31)

No known grave


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Cassino Memorial, Italy (Panel 6)


Spencer Jones was born in 1913 in Glamorganshire, Wales.  He was a son of Daniel Jones and for a time he lived in Nottingham.  Spencer Jones joined the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and it was while Fusilier Jones was stationed in Northern Ireland that he met Emily Gorman of 49 Beatrice Road, Bangor.  Emily was a daughter of Alexander and Hannah Gorman and she and Spencer Jones were married on 17 July 1942 in Helen’s Bay Presbyterian Church.

Fusilier Spencer Jones (No. 6981965) was killed in action at Cassino on 9 October 1944 during the Allied advance in Italy and the Revd William George Wimperis, Minister in Trinity Presbyterian Church Bangor, paid tribute to him.  The Revd Wimperis described him as ‘a bright, devoted and decent young man’ who had fought in Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy.  He had survived a scorpion bite and previously been wounded before being killed in action.

The Revd Wimperis referred to a letter written by Fusilier Spencer Jones in which Spencer referred to Trinity Presbyterian Church Bangor and said that ‘by marriage he had become one of its boys’.  His wife included the following verse in an In Memoriam notice:

His toil is past, his work is done,

And he is fully blest,

He fought the fight, the victory won

And entered into rest

Fusilier Spencer Jones (No. 6981965) was 31 when he died, and he is commemorated on the Cassino Memorial in Italy.