Holt, Archibald Joseph Adolphus (No. 7586012)

Holt, Archibald Joseph Adolphus


No. 7586012, Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Died as a result of enemy action on Monday 5 May 1941 (aged 32)


Holywood Cemetery, Co. Down (Roman Catholic Ground Collective Grave 1042)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Archibald Joseph Adolphus Holt was born on 8 February 1909 in Malta and he was a son of Alfred George Holt, who was born in October 1878 in Murree Hills, North West Province, India, and Mary Josephine Holt (nee Donnelly) who was born in 1880 in County Kildare.  They were married on 18 February 1904 in St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Chatham and they had at least four children:

Mary Ellen Joseph (born 12 December 1904 in Chatham, Kent)

Alfred George (born 1906 in Malta; died 25 July 1906 in infancy)

Evelyn Florence Violet (born 1907 in Malta; died 19 January 1908 in infancy)

Archibald Joseph Adolphus (born 8 February 1909 in Malta).

Alfred George Holt was a career soldier and he enlisted as a Boy Soldier on 26 October 1892 at Devonport when he was 14 years old.  At that time, he was 4 feet 8¼ inches tall and he signed up for 12 years with the colours.  He served with the 4th Battalion, Rifle Brigade (No. 2553) and then on 26 October 1896, when he was 18, he was appointed Private.  He was promoted to the rank of Corporal in 1901 and to the rank of Sergeant in 1905.  His sequence of service was Home, South Africa, Home, Malta, Egypt (he was stationed in the Citadel, Cairo) and Home.

Sergeant Alfred George Holt transferred to the 3rd Battalion and he was discharged from the Army on 25 October 1913 in Cork.  His intended place of residence was 42 Montpelier Street, Dublin.  At that time, he was 5 feet 8½ inches tall and he had the Queen’s South Africa Medal with three clasps.

During the Second World War Private Archibald Joseph Adolphus Holt (No. 7586012) served with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.  He was 32 when he died on 5 May 1941 at 23 Witham Street in Belfast as a result of a bomb explosion and he was buried in Holywood Cemetery.  Around 150 people in Belfast died on 4/5 May 1941 as a result of a German Luftwaffe air raid.  On his death certificate it is recorded that he was married.

Civilian Eliza Jane Holt (aged 28) died on 4 May 1941 at 23 Witham Street as a result of enemy action.