Haslett, Colin William Horner

Haslett, Colin William Horner


HMS Quebec, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Killed in action on Wednesday 19 August 1942 (aged 21)

No known grave


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Hampshire, England (Panel 71 Column 1)

Rockport School, Craigavad


Colin William Horner Haslett was born on 8 May 1921 and he was a son of James Ross Haslett and Ethel Margaret Haslett (nee Rea) of Killeague, Greenisland, Co. Antrim.  James Ross Haslett was a merchant and he and Ethel Margaret Rea were married on 17 February 1909 in Whitehouse Presbyterian Church, Newtownabbey.  Colin William Horner Haslett was a grandson of Sir James Horner Haslett, an Irish Conservative politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1885 until 1886.  Sir James Horner Haslett was Mayor of Belfast in 1887 (the year he was knighted) and again in 1888; his statue stands outside Belfast City Hall.  Ethel Margaret Rea was a daughter of William Robert Rea, a merchant.

James Ross Haslett and Ethel Margaret Haslett (nee Rea) had at least three children:

Ethna (born 17 January 1910 in Greenisland)

James Desmond Rea (born 4 October 1914 in Greenisland)

Colin William Horner (born 8 May 1921)

Colin William Horner Haslett and his brother, James Desmond Rea Haslett were educated at Rockport School, Craigavad.  Colin William Horner Haslett also attended Sedbergh School in Cumbria from 1936 until 1939 and then he joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.  Initially he was with HMS King Alfred, the RNVR officers’ training establishment at Hove in Sussex and from there he went to HMS Prosperine at Scapa Flow.

Sub-Lieutenant Colin William Horner Haslett went to HMS Quebec which was part of the No. 1 Combined Training Centre (CTC) situated at Inveraray.  The Royal Navy presence at Inveraray took the form of a Naval Staff, under a Captain RN, working directly to the Commandant. A few miles to the south was the large naval establishment called HMS Quebec, also under a Naval Captain who, by virtue of his seniority, was also Naval Officer in Charge (NOIC) Inveraray.  The primary role of HMS Quebec was to provide and maintain craft for training operations and to accommodate personnel drafted in for the training of units at the CTC.

Sub-Lieutenant Colin William Horner Haslett was 21 when he was killed by a sniper on 19 August 1942 during Operation Jubilee, the raid on Dieppe.  He is commemorated on Portsmouth Naval Memorial in Hampshire and in Rockport School, Craigavad.