Forshaw, John Matthew (No. 3386277)

Forshaw, John Matthew


No. 3386277, 1st Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment

Died of illness on Tuesday 3 May 1938 (aged 18)


Holywood Cemetery, Co. Down (Grave 1264)


Holywood Cemetery, Co. Down (Grave 1264)


Private John Matthew Forshaw was not a casualty of war but his name is included on this website as an example of a soldier who died while he was stationed in North Down during the inter-war years.

During the First World War the 1st Battalion of the East Lancashire Regiment served on the Western Front and between the two world wars they served in several countries including the West Indies, Malta, Egypt, India, China, Germany and Northern Ireland (from 1935 until 1939).

Private John Matthew Forshaw (No. 3386277) was stationed at Palace Barracks in Holywood and he was 18 and unmarried when he died of cerebro-spinal fever in Purdysburn Fever Hospital on 3 May 1938.  Three days later he was buried in Holywood Cemetery.