Deville, Thomas Charles (No. 7020517)

Deville, Thomas Charles (Thomas)


No. 7020517, Pioneer Corps

Died of disease on Thursday 6 May 1943 (aged 35)


Bangor Cemetery, Newtownards Road, Bangor, Co. Down (Section 5. X. Grave 1)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission


Thomas Charles Deville was born on 2 April 1907 in Fulham, London and he was a son of James George and Jane Deville (nee Adkins, sometimes Atkins).

In the CWGC Debt of Honour website Thomas is described as a foster-son of James George Deville and Emily Deville who lived in Middlesex.

Thomas was six when his mother died in 1913 and he was fostered by his eldest brother, James George Deville who had married Emily (maiden name not known) around 1907.

Thomas’s father died on 29 June 1925 (aged 54).

Thomas Charles Deville’s parents were James George Deville who was born on 5 March 1871 at 4 Leyborne Street, St. Pancras, Kentish Town, Middlesex, and Jane Deville (nee Adkins, sometimes Atkins) who was born on 8 July 1872 at 10 Alpha Place, West Kilburn, Middlesex.

Jane Adkins was 19 when she and James George Deville were married on 15 March 1890 in Fulham, London.

James George Deville had at least 16 children including:

James George (born 16 September 1887 and, from 1911 census records:  he was 23 when he married Emily, aged 21, around 1907; he lived at 6 Campbell Street, Fulham; he worked as a coal porter; he had a son named Frank who was born around 1909)

Joseph George (born 9 February 1891)

Lily (born 18 October 1892)

Henry (born 24 March 1894)

Dorothy Ellen (born 9 April 1895)

Jane Eliza (born 4 June 1896)

Robert (born 14 October 1897)

Percy (born 18 May 1899)

Clara (born 1 September 1900)

Violet (born 21 October 1901)

Minnie (born 22 December 1902)

William Joseph (born 6 March 1905)

Thomas Charles (born 2 April 1907)

Frederick (born 5 May 1909)

Richard (born 1 October 1910)

Joseph Benjamin (born 17 October 1913)

Thomas was six when his mother, Jane Deville (aged 41) died of tuberculosis on Christmas Day 1913 in Fulham Infirmary.  After his mother Jane died, Thomas’s father, James George Deville re-married.  The marriage of James George Deville and Emily Levi was registered in the first quarter of 1916 in Fulham, London.

James George and Emily Deville (nee Levi) had at least one child:

Emily Frances (birth registered in second quarter of 1916 in Marylebone, London)

Emily Frances was nine when her father, James George Deville, died on 29 June 1925 (aged 54) in Kensington Infirmary, London.

Emily Frances Deville – who was a half-sister of Thomas Charles Deville – was a civilian casualty during the Second World War.  She died in Fulham Hospital on 18 June 1944 (aged 28) as the result of injuries caused by enemy action that same day at 10 Lintaine Grove, Fulham.

In 1939 Thomas Charles Deville, a single man, was working as a general labourer (heavy); he was living at 37 Cherry Grove Hillingdon, London and other occupants of the house included:

James G Deville:     Born 16 September 1887 (aged 52)


General labourer (heavy)

Emily Deville:          Born 17 November 1891 (aged 48)


Unpaid domestic duties

James G Delville:    Born 6 April 1911


General labourer(heavy)

Arthur Deville:         Born 6 September 1919


General labourer (heavy)

During the Second World War Private Thomas Charles Deville (No. 7020517) served with the 113th Company, Pioneer Corps and he was stationed in Antrim.  He was 35 and married when he died on 6 May 1943 in Bangor Hospital as the result of pancreatic cancer.

The marriage of Thomas Charles Deville and Norah Ethel Fuller (nee Jolley) was registered in the fourth quarter of 1942 in East Ham, London.

Norah Ethel Deville’s death (aged 85) was registered in 1985 in Greenwich, London.

Private Thomas Charles Deville (No. 7020517) was buried in Bangor Cemetery and there is an inscription on his CWGC headstone:






Records show that, after Thomas Charles Deville died, probate was granted to Robert Deville, a carpenter’s labourer.  Thomas Charles Deville was recorded as being late of 37 Cherry Grove Hillingdon, London.