Darragh, James (No. 6977528)

Darragh, James


No. 6977528, Royal Army Medical Corps

Died of disease on Wednesday 27 June 1945 (aged 32)


Bangor Cemetery, Co. Down (Section 5. X. Grave 9)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission


James Darragh was born on 1 May 1913 in the townland of Tamlaght, Rasharkin, Ballymoney and he was a son of Richard and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Darragh (nee Weir) who were married on 22 February 1912 in Dirraw Roman Catholic Church, Ballymoney.  Richard Darragh (aged 49), a widowed farmer from Tamlaght was a son of Henry Darragh, a farmer.  Lizzie Weir (aged 20) from Rasharkin was a daughter of Thomas Weir, a labourer.

Richard Darragh had previously been married to Mary Ann McKillen; they were married on 13 January 1898 in Dirraw Roman Catholic Church, Ballymoney.  Mary Ann McKillen was a daughter of Patrick McKillen, a farm worker and she had a son, Henry McKillen, who was born on 18 December 1897.  Mary Ann McKillen died of consumption on 9 March 1900 (aged 30).

Richard Darragh was a farmer in the townland of Tamlaght and Richard’s parents were Henry and Mary Jane Darragh.  After Richard Darragh’s first wife died he lived with his widowed mother Mary Jane, his brother James and his son Henry.

Richard and Elizabeth Darragh (nee Weir) had at least three children:

James (born 1 May 1913 in Tamlaght)

Bridget (born 21 January 1916 in Tamlaght)

Patrick (born 18 October 1917 in Tamlaght)

During the Second World War, James Darragh served with the Royal Army Medical Corps.  Corporal James Darragh (No. 6977528) was 32 when he died of peritonitis in Bangor Military Hospital on 27 June 1945.  He was buried in Bangor Cemetery on 30 June and there is an inscription on his CWGC headstone:




R. I. P.