Burrows, Henry Garrett (No. B/74471)

Burrows, Henry Garrett (Harry)


No. B/74471, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps

Died of illness on Thursday 11 September 1947 (aged 39)


Toronto (St. James’s) Cemetery, Ontario, Canada (Block T Lot 181 North)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Canadian Second World War Book of Remembrance (Page 594)


In some records his surname is spelt Borrows and, in others, Barrows.

Henry Garrett Burrows was born on 4 April 1908 and he was a son of Robert and Maggie Burrows (formerly McConnell, formerly Burrows, nee Ritchie) of 47 North Street, Newtownards.  Both of his parents had previously been married; his mother Maggie’s first marriage had been to his uncle (his father’s brother), William Burrows.

William Burrows (a servant from Ballywhiskin, full age, bachelor, son of John Burrows from Carrowdore) and Maggie Ritchie (a servant from Kilbright, full age, spinster, daughter of Hamilton Ritchie from Carrowdore) were married on 7 May 1886 in Ballycopeland Presbyterian Church.

Maggie Ritchie had a daughter before she and William Burrows got married:

Mary Elizabeth Ritchie (born 17 June 1883 in Carrowdore)

The Burrows family lived in the townland of Ballyfrenis.

William Burrows worked as a farm labourer and he and Maggie had five children:

Margaret Jane (born 17 November 1887 in Ballyfrenis)

James Charles (born 1 August 1890 in Ballybuttle; died of wounds in the Great War on 29 March 1918)

Robert (born 31 December 1892 in Ballybuttle)

Sarah (born 14 April 1895 in Ballybuttle)

Agnes McConnell (born 22 June 1897 in Ballybuttle)

On 22 March 1897, three months before Agnes was born, William Burrows was found drowned in Spencer Basin, Dufferin Dock, Belfast.  He was 36 years old and an inquest was held on 23 March 1897.

In 1901 the widowed Maggie Burrows (aged 35 and working as a hand embroiderer) was living in Ballyfrenis with five of her children – Mary Eliza, James Charles, Robert, Sarah and Agnes.  All belonged to the United Free Church of Scotland.

Also living in the townland of Ballyfrenis in 1901 was William Burrows’s brother Robert Burrows (a labourer aged 47), his wife Maggie (nee Menagh, a seamstress aged 42) and six of their children – William John, David, Robert, James, Mary (Minnie) and Charles.  All belonged to the United Free Church of Scotland.

Robert Burrows and Margaret (Maggie) Menagh were married on 13 December 1880 in Newtownards Registrar’s Office and they had nine children:

Eliza (born 19 December 1881 in Carrowdore)

William John (born 1884)

David (born 7 August 1886 in Ballybuttle)

Robert (born 26 August 1888 in Ballybuttle)

James (born 15 July 1890 in Ballyfrenis)

Mary (Minnie, born 9 March 1893 in Ballybuttle)

Charles (born 31 August 1895 in Ballybuttle)

Maggie Jane (born 10 May 1899 in Ballyfrenis)

Samuel (born 27 September 1903 in Ballyfrenis)

Their mother, Maggie Burrows (nee Menagh), died of pernicious anaemia in Ballyfrenis on 12 March 1905 (aged 46).

Their father, Robert Burrows, and his former sister-in-law, Maggie McConnell (formerly Burrows, nee Ritchie) were married on 12 February 1906 in St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Church, Ballymacarrett, Belfast.  Robert Burrows, a labourer, full age, widower, living at 108 Jocelyn Avenue, Belfast, was a son of John Burrows.  Maggie McConnell, full age, widow, living at 108 Jocelyn Avenue, Belfast, was a daughter of Hamilton Ritchie.

Robert and Maggie Burrows (formerly McConnell, formerly Burrows, nee Ritchie) had three children:

Matilda (born 10 August 1906 in Ballyfrenis)

Henry Garrett (Harry, born 4 April 1908; died on 11 September 1947 as a result of service in the Second World War)

Ethel May (born 31 July 1910 in Ballyfrenis)

In 1911 Robert Burrows (a labourer aged 59) and his wife Maggie (a hand embroiderer aged 46), were living in Ballyfrenis with ten children:

Four were children of Robert and Maggie Burrows (nee Menagh) – David, James, Minnie and Samuel.

Three were children of William and Maggie Burrows (nee Ritchie) – Maggie Jane, Sarah and Agnes.

Three were children of Robert and Maggie Burrows (formerly McConnell, formerly Burrows, nee Ritchie) – Matilda, Harry and Ethel May.

All belonged to the United Free Church of Scotland.

On 27 March 1926 brothers Samuel and Harry Burrows sailed from Belfast to Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard the SS Alaunia.  They arrived on 4 April 1926 on their way to Toronto to live and work.  Their father, Robert Burrows, died on 18 February 1929 (aged 75) and their mother, Maggie Burrows, died on 17 September 1949 (aged 85).  Her daughter, Ethel Beattie of 47 North Street, Newtownards, was present at her death.

Henry Garrett (Harry) Burrows was the husband of Margaret Burrows (nee Harper) of 204 First Avenue, Toronto.  During the Second World War Sergeant Henry Garrett (Harry) Burrows (No. B/74471) served with the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps and he was 39 when he died of ‘a metastatic carcinoma due to service’ on 11 September 1947.  He was buried in North Toronto (St. James’s) Cemetery and, when his wife died in 1981, she was buried there too.  Their headstones lie flat on the grave and both bear the inscription:


Sergeant Henry Garrett (Harry) Burrows (No. B/74471) is commemorated on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial and on Page 594 of the Canadian Second World War Book of Remembrance.