Anthoney, Thomas (No. 7259952)

Anthoney, Thomas

Staff Sergeant

No. 7259952, Royal Army Medical Corps

Died on active service on Monday 7 February 1944 (aged 32)


Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmar (Grave 12. K. 17)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Holywood and District War Memorial

Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church

Brother-in-law of Corporal Harry Heaven (No. 3596449)


Thomas Anthoney’s birth was registered in the first quarter of 1912 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and he was a son of Arthur Burton (Tony) Anthoney and Mary Ann Anthoney (nee Pitchfork) whose marriage was registered in the second quarter of 1889 in Basford, Nottinghamshire.  Tony Anthoney was a coal miner and he and Mary Ann had at least ten children including Arthur Burton, Albert, Elizabeth, Herbert, Charles, Ernest, Lilly and Thomas.

Thomas Anthoney was a soldier stationed at Palace Barracks, Holywood when he and Alice May Herron of 6 Hill Street, Holywood were married on 17 October 1936 in Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church.

Alice May Herron was a daughter of Robert and Mary Anne Herron (nee Quee) who were married on 12 April 1898 in Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church.  They had at least nine children:

Ellen (born 15 February 1899)

Thomas (born 9 September 1900)

Robert (born 24 July 1902)

John (born 21 June 1904)

Jane (born 10 May 1906)

William (born 9 October 1908)

Amelia (born 23 June 1910)

Georgina (born 24 May 1912)

Alice May (born 24 March 1914)

Three Herron men (Robert, Alex and John) and four Quee men (James, Robert, Thomas and John) who were members of Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church served during the Second World War.

Thomas Anthoney was a brother-in-law of Corporal Harry Heaven (No. 3596449) who died on 21 May 1940.

Thomas and Alice May Anthoney had a son called Leonard.  During the Second World War Thomas Anthoney served with the Royal Army Medical Corps and he was 32 years old when he died on 7 February 1944.

Staff Sergeant Thomas Anthoney (No. 7259952) is commemorated on Holywood and District War Memorial as T. Anthony and in Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church as Thomas Anthony RAMC.