Stratton, David

Stratton, David


Royal Irish Rifles

Died of disease on Sunday 8 December 1929 (aged 55)


Newtownards and District War Memorial


The name David Stratton is listed on Newtownards and District War Memorial and in the booklet produced for the Unveiling and Dedication Ceremony held on Saturday 26 May 1934 he is described as a Rifleman in the Royal Irish Rifles.  The organising committee of the day decided to include the names of ex-servicemen who died up to that date from what they considered to be war related causes, whether as a result of wounds or disease.

In the 23 and 30 September 1933 editions of the Newtownards Chronicle two lists of names were published ‘with the object of ensuring that all the names of men from Newtownards and District who were killed in the Great War or who died as the result of wounds received or disease contracted in the campaign are included’.

Relatives were requested to report any omissions or mistakes.

In the report it was indicated that Rifleman David Stratton was from Church Street in Newtownards.

In some records his surname is spelt Straiton.

David Stratton was born on 31 December 1873 in Loughmoney, Strangford and he was a son of Moses and Elizabeth Stratton (nee Orr) who were married on 8 October 1864 in First Killinchy Presbyterian Church.  Moses Stratton, a miller from Ballymartin, was a son of Joseph Stratton, a millwright.  Elizabeth Orr (aged 19) from Ballymartin was a daughter of James Orr, a fisherman.

Moses and Elizabeth Stratton (nee Orr) had five children:

Margaret Jane (born 14 December 1866 in Loughmoney, Strangford)

Isabella (born 28 February 1869 in Loughmoney, Strangford)

David John (born 31 December 1873 in Loughmoney, Strangford)

Susannah (born 7 August 1878 in Ballyviggis, Killough)

Samuel James (born 22 June 1881 in Ballyviggis, Killough)

Their mother, Elizabeth Stratton, died of a coronary thrombosis following childbirth in Ballyviggis on 22 June 1881 (aged 36).

Their father, Moses Stratton, died of cancer in William Street, Newtownards on 9 September 1919 (aged 80).

David Stratton and Maggie McDowell were married on 10 September 1900 in Second Newtownards Presbyterian Church.  David Stratton from Newtownards, a labourer in a bleach works, was a son of Moses Stratton, a miller.  Maggie McDowell from Newtownards, a seamstress, was a daughter of William McDowell, a labourer.

David and Maggie Stratton (nee McDowell) had at least five children:

Eleanor (Nellie, born 13 September 1901 in Mill Street, Newtownards; married Henry Leslie Cook, a soldier, on 25 November 1918 in Newtownards Registrar’s Office)

David John (Harry, born 14 September 1903 in Mill Street, Newtownards)

Isabella Elizabeth (born 15 August 1908 in John Street, Newtownards)

William (born 28 May 1911 in John Street, Newtownards)

Mary (born 2 April 1914 in Ayr, Scotland)

When David Stratton enlisted on 24 May 1915 in Newcastle, Co. Down, his home address was 100 Trillick St. Belfast.  The Stratton family moved to 7 Church St. Newtownards.

David Stratton served with the Royal Irish Rifles (No 822) and on 19 August 1915    he was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.  He went with the 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles to France on 3 October 1915 and on 2 August 1917 he was transferred to the Royal Engineers (No 254267).  He returned from France on 20 January 1919 and was transferred to the Class Z Reserve on 11 February 1919.  When he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps (No 207001) in Belfast on 29 September 1919 he declared that his religion was Plymouth Brethren.  On 24 November 1919 he was discharged with a War Badge and Certificate.  No longer physically fit for war service, he was suffering from lumbago, bronchitis and adenitis.

David Stratton, late of Newtownards, a married man and a labourer, died of chronic bronchitis in Down Mental Hospital, Downpatrick on 8 December 1929 (aged 55).