Stewart, Niven Boyd

Stewart, Niven Boyd (Niven)


56th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, United States Army

Killed in action on Sunday 10 November 1918 (aged 27)


St Mihiel American Cemetery, France (Plot D Row 22 Grave 33)


American Battle Monuments Commission

Carrowdore Presbyterian Church

Brother of Private John Stewart (No. 622464)


In some records, his first forename is spelt Nevin.

Niven Boyd Stewart was born on 4 January 1891 in Carrowdore and he was a son of James McGimpsey Stewart and Ann Jane Stewart (nee McKeag) who were married on 24 March 1865 in Carrowdore Presbyterian Church.

The Stewart family lived in Carrowdore.

James Stewart worked as an agricultural labourer and he and Ann Jane had at least ten children:

Robert (born 1 April 1867 in Carrowdore)

Margaret Jane (born 31 July 1870 in Carrowdore)

Martha (born 8 December 1872 in Carrowdore)

Anna Mary (born 3 December 1873 in Carrowdore)

James (born 8 November 1876 in Carrowdore)

John (born 16 December 1880 in Carrowdore)

Sarah Hamilton (born 17 July 1882 in Carrowdore)

Jane Hannah (born 5 May 1884 in Grangee)

William Johnston (born 17 January 1887 in Carrowdore)

Niven Boyd (born 4 January 1891 in Carrowdore)

Several of these children, including John and Niven, were baptised in Carrowdore Presbyterian Church.

John was the first of the two brothers to die.

Niven Boyd Stewart worked as a labourer both before and after he moved to the United States of America.  He and James Reid, who was also from Carrowdore, lived in Chicago, Illinois and it was there that both men enlisted on 5 June 1917.

Niven Boyd Stewart served with the 56th Infantry Regiment 7th Infantry Division US Army and he was killed in action on 10 November 1918.

Private James Reid died on 7 March 1919.

Corporal Niven Boyd Stewart was 27 when he died and he was buried in St Mihiel American Cemetery, France.

Corporal Niven Boyd Stewart and Private James Reid are both commemorated in Carrowdore Presbyterian Church.