Solway, Jesse

Solway, Jesse


Royal Navy

Died of disease on Thursday 17 September 1914 (aged 40 years 9 months)


Deansgrange Cemetery, South Dublin, Ireland


Coastguard Jesse Solway lived for a time in Cloughey, Co Down.

Jesse Solway was born in England around 1873/1874 and he was the husband of Nellie Solway (nee Redford, sometimes Radford) who was also born in England.  They were married around 1900.  Jesse Solway worked as a Royal Navy coastguard and he and Nellie had at least four children:

Dorothy Irene (born 27 September 1903 in Malinmore, Co Donegal)

William Henry John (born 11 May 1906 in Malinmore, Co Donegal while his father was stationed in Cloughey, Co Down)

George Edward (born 17 November 1908 in Cloughey, Co Down)

Ruth Amelia Rose (born 17 May 1911 in Cloughey, Co Down)

Sometime between 1911 and 1914 Jesse Solway was transferred to Kingstown Coastguard Station, Co Dublin and he died there as the result of acute nephritis on 17 September 1914.

Coastguard Jesse Solway was buried in Deansgrange Cemetery, South Dublin.