Scott, T.

Scott, T.


6 January 1917 Edition of the Newtownards Chronicle


In the 6 January 1917 edition of the Newtownards Chronicle a Roll of Sacrifice for the town was published:

  • 101 officially reported dead
  • 10 died from disease contracted on service
  • 52 men reported missing
  • 14 prisoners of war

The names of those men who were being reported as having been killed in action or having died of wounds were listed, and below those names there was a list of ten names of men who were reported as having died from disease contracted on service.

The name T. Scott was included in that section.

Initially, research focused on Rifleman Thomas Scott (No. 13/2369) from Newtownards who enlisted in September 1914 and was posted overseas on 5 October 1915 with the 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles in 108th Brigade of the 36th (Ulster) Division.  Rifleman Thomas Scott (No. 13/2369) was discharged from the Army on 11 October 1916 because of disease.

However, this Thomas Scott’s family details – his parents, siblings, two marriages, and death in 1958 – proved conclusively that he could not be the T Scott reported in the January 1917 newspaper article as having died.

There remains the possibility that another T. Scott from Newtownards died before January 1917 from disease contracted on service, and research will continue.  However, there is also a possibility that the newspaper report is not correct.

Desk searches and public appeals to date have not confirmed the identity of the soldier whose name was listed in the Roll of Sacrifice (if correct) published in the 6 January 1917 edition of the Newtownards Chronicle.