Praeger, Egmont Apjohn

Praeger, Egmont Apjohn (Egmont)

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Died of disease on Sunday 30 March 1919 (aged 46)


Holywood Priory Graveyard


Holywood and District War Memorial

Sullivan Upper School Holywood

Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church

First World War Roll of Honour of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland


Egmont Apjohn Praeger was born on 14 May 1872 in Holywood and he was a son of Willem Emilius Praeger and Maria Praeger (nee Patterson) who were married on 13 November 1862 in First Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street, Belfast.

Willem Emilius Praeger was born on 1 February 1835 in The Hague, Holland where his parents operated a linen business.  Willem moved to Ireland where he worked for the firm of Preston, Smyth & Company (linen manufacturers and merchants) in Belfast.

Willem and Maria Praeger lived in The Crescent, Holywood and in 1868 the Praeger family moved to Woodburn House, Croft Road in the townland of Ballymenoch, Holywood.  The house now bears an Ulster History Circle plaque commemorating Rosamond Praeger, Sculptor, (1867 – 1954) and Lloyd Praeger, Naturalist & Historian, (1865 – 1953).

Next door lived Maria Praeger’s brother, Sir Robert Lloyd Patterson JP.

Willem and Maria Praeger (nee Patterson) had six children:

William Emilius (born 10 September 1863 and became Professor of Biology at Kalamazoo College in Michigan USA; died at Kalamazoo 13 August 1936)

Robert Lloyd (born 25 August 1865 and became a naturalist and historian; died Belfast 5 May 1953, buried Dublin)

Sophia Rosamond (born 15 April 1867 and became a sculptor; her work includes Johnny the Jig in Holywood, the bronze figure of a boy playing a concertina, together with the War Memorial Plaques in several churches including Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church; died at Cultra 16 April 1954)

Hendrich John (Harry, born 22 January 1869 and moved to the USA; married Bessie H. Huiskamp in Iowa; died at Monterey, California USA 12 April 1951)

Egmont Apjohn (born 14 May 1872; died in London 30 March 1919)

Owen Maurice (born 26 May 1874 and became a doctor; died in Belfast 16 January 1905 aged 30)

When Willem Praeger died of diabetes on 25 April 1881 (aged 46) the Praeger family moved to the townland of Ballycultra.

Maria Praeger died on 8 June 1930 (aged 90).

Egmont Apjohn Praeger attended Mr McAlester’s School at Woodburn, Holywood from 1885 to 1886 (Charles McAlester was the local Unitarian Minister).

During the Great War Egmont Praeger served in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) and it was said that ‘the severe strain of his service brought on heart disease’.

Shortly after his discharge from the RNVR Egmont Apjohn Praeger died of a heart attack in London on 30 March 1919 and he is commemorated on Holywood and District War Memorial; in Sullivan Upper School; in Holywood Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church and in the First World War Roll of Honour of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland.