McMullan, John Joseph (No. 21941)

McMullan, John Joseph (John)


No. 4152, Royal Irish Regiment transferred to

No. 21941, 8th Battalion, Princess Victoria’s (Royal Irish Fusiliers)

Killed in action on Wednesday 6 September 1916 (aged 19)


Quarry Cemetery, France (Grave IV. J. 4)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission


John Joseph McMullan (named Patrick John McMullan on his birth certificate) was born on 4 December 1896 in the townland of Ballyphillip, Portaferry and he was a son of James and Rebecca McMullan (nee Boomer) who were married on 18 January 1893 in Portaferry Roman Catholic Church.  Rebecca Boomer from Portaferry was a daughter of James Boomer, a labourer.

The McMullan family lived in Little Back Lane, Portaferry.

James McMullan worked as a labourer and he and Rebecca had seven children, all of whom were baptised in Portaferry Roman Catholic Church:

James Joseph (born 24 October 1893 in Portaferry)

Mary Jane (born 1 January 1895 in Portaferry; died of nephritis 3 March 1896 aged 14 months)

John Joseph (born 4 December 1896 in Portaferry; named Patrick John on his birth certificate)

Mary Jane (born 2 June 1898 in Portaferry)

Sarah (born 1 January 1901 in Portaferry)

Gerald (born 11 April 1903 in Ann Street, Portaferry)

William (born 29 June 1904 in Ann Street, Portaferry)

James McMullan died of pulmonary tuberculosis at home, in Ann Street, Portaferry, on 16 September 1904 (aged 36).

Before the Great War John Joseph McMullan lived in Portaferry and he was a member of the Irish National Volunteers, Portaferry Company, 1st Battalion, East Down Regiment.  He enlisted in Newtownards and served with the Royal Irish Regiment (No. 4152) before being transferred to the 8th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers in 49th Brigade of the 16th (Irish) Division.

Private John McMullan (No. 21941) was 19 when he was killed in action at Guillemont on 6 September 1916 and he was buried in Quarry Cemetery, Montauban, France.