McMaster, David (No. 18330)

McMaster, David


No. 18330, ‘B’ Company, 13th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles

Killed in action on Friday 23 November 1917 (aged 20)


Moeuvres Communal Cemetery Extension, France (Grave I. D. 23)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Kircubbin Presbyterian Church

Family grave headstone in Kircubbin Presbyterian Graveyard


David McMaster was born on 20 October 1897 in the townland of Ballycranbeg and he was the youngest son of David and Ann (Annie) McMaster (nee McMaster) who were married on 22 November 1877 in Kircubbin Presbyterian Church.  David McMaster from Ballycranbeg, Ardkeen was a son of Charles McMaster, a farmer.  Ann McMaster from Ballycranmore, Ardkeen was a daughter of William McMaster, a farmer.

The McMaster family lived in the townland of Ballycranbeg, Kircubbin.

David McMaster Senior was a farmer and he and Annie had at least thirteen children including:

Charlotte Jane (born 12 September 1878 in Ballycranbeg)

Ann Eliza (Ann, born 12 June 1880 in Ballycranbeg)

Agnes (born 8 November 1881 in Ballycranbeg)

Lucy (born 14 March 1883 in Ballycranbeg; died 20 August 1914 aged 31)

Ellen (Nellie, born 20 November 1884 in Ballycranbeg)

Thomas (born 30 May 1886 in Ballycranbeg; died of tetanus 28 July 1908 aged 22)

Sarah (born 7 December 1887 in Ballycranbeg)

Fanny Forde (born 20 February 1890 in Ballycranbeg)

William Arbuthnot (born 12 October 1891 in Ballycranbeg; died of whooping cough 20 June 1892)

Charles (born 20 April 1893 in Ballycranbeg; died 13 May 1981 aged 87)

William John (born 10 January 1895 in Ballycranbeg)

David (born 20 October 1897 in Ballycranbeg)

The McMaster children were baptised in Kircubbin Presbyterian Church.

David’s sister Charlotte married Joseph McDowell on 22 June 1899 and they lived in High Street, Newtownards.

David McMaster enlisted in Newtownards and he served with the 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles in 108th Brigade of the 36th (Ulster) Division.   Rifleman David McMaster (No. 18330) was 20 when he was killed in action on 23 November 1917 during the Battle of Cambrai.

Rifleman David McMaster (No. 18330) was buried in Moeuvres Communal Cemetery Extension, France and he is commemorated in Kircubbin Presbyterian Church and on the family grave headstone in Kircubbin Presbyterian Graveyard.

David’s mother Ann died on 17 May 1930 (aged 72) and his father David died on 5 May 1937 (aged 95).