McLaughlin, William (No. 7072)

McLaughlin, William


No. 7072, 1st South African Mounted Brigade          

Died of cerebral-malarial fever on Monday 5 March 1917 (aged 23)      


Thaba Tshwane (Old No.1) Military Cemetery, South Africa (Grave A. 15)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Newtownards and District War Memorial (as William McLoughlin)


In some records his surname is spelt McLoughlin.

William McLaughlin was born on 14 August 1893 in Church Street, Newtownards and he was the only son of Daniel and Catherine (Kate) McLaughlin (nee Hendron) who were married on 15 January 1883 in Newtownards Roman Catholic Church.  Daniel McLaughlin from Newtownards was a son of Daniel McLaughlin, a weaver.  Catherine Hendron from Newtownards was a daughter of John Hendron, a weaver.

The McLaughlin family lived in Church Street, Newtownards.

Daniel McLaughlin worked as a wool weaver and he and Kate had five children:

Isabella (Bella, born 7 December 1884 in Church Street, Newtownards)

Ann Jane (Annie, born 22 June 1886 in Church Street, Newtownards)

Agnes (born 12 December 1888 in Church Street, Newtownards)

Maggie (born 6 October 1890 in Church Street, Newtownards)

William (born 14 August 1893 in Church Street, Newtownards)

William was ten when his mother, Kate McLaughlin, died of cancer on 13 June 1904 (aged 50); she had been ill for three years.  Daniel McLaughlin and his family moved to 5 Balfour Street, Newtownards.

William McLaughlin moved to South Africa and during the Great War he served with the 1st South African Mounted Brigade.

Private William McLaughlin (No. 7072) was 23 when he died of cerebral-malarial fever at Roberts Heights, Pretoria, South Africa on 5 March 1917 and he was buried in Thaba Tshwane (Old No.1) Military Cemetery. He is commemorated on Newtownards and District War Memorial (as William McLoughlin).