Magee, David (No. SS/109577)

Magee, David

Stoker First Class

No. SS/109577, HMS Indefatigable, Royal Navy

Killed in action on Wednesday 31 May 1916 (aged 23)

Lost at sea


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon, England (Panel 16)

Journey of Remembering Belfast Book of Honour


In some records his surname is spelt McGee.

David Magee was born on 25 July 1892 in the townland of Glastry, Ballyhalbert and he was a son of James and Agnes Magee (nee Caughey) who were married on 9 February 1885 in St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Ballycranbeg, Portaferry.  James Magee (aged 31) from Glastry was a son of James Magee, a farmer.  Agnes Caughey (aged 26) from Glastry was a daughter of David Caughey, a farmer.

James Magee worked as an agricultural labourer and he and Agnes had at least ten children:

Mary Ann (Minnie, born 15 January 1886 in Rureagh)

James (Jim, born 28 September 1887 in Glastry)

Lizzie (born 4 May 1889 in Glastry)

Kathleen (Cassie, born 11 January 1891 in Glastry)

David (born 25 July 1892 in Glastry)

Agnes (born 17 May 1894 in Glastry)

Sarah Jane (born 25 March 1896 in Glastry)

Margaret Isabella (Maggie, born 22 October 1899 in Glastry)

Bernard (born 4 February 1902 in Glastry)

Hugh (born 2 February 1904 in Glastry)

The Magee family moved to Newtownards where they lived at 24 William Street and by 1911 David Magee was serving in the Royal Navy.

Stoker First Class David Magee was 23 when he was killed in action aboard HMS Indefatigable on 31 May 1916 during the Battle of Jutland.  Commissioned in 1911, this British battle-cruiser was hit by shellfire from the German battle-cruiser SMS Von der Tann that caused two massive explosions.  More than 1000 crew members were killed.  At the time of David’s death his parents were living at 2 Iris Street, Belfast and he is commemorated in the Belfast Book of Honour (Page 356).  SMS Von der Tann was scuttled in June 1919 at Scapa Flow and then raised in the 1930s for scrap.

In naval records it is recorded that David Magee worked as a farm labourer before he joined up on 25 January for a period of five + seven years.  He was 5 feet 7 inches tall with dark hair, blue eyes and a dark complexion.