Jamison, James

Jamison, James


H.M.S. Redbreast, Mercantile Marine Reserve

Died of disease on Friday 27 August 1915 (aged 60)

Buried at sea


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon, England (Panel 9)

Donaghadee and District War Memorial

Millisle Presbyterian Church

Jamison family grave headstone in Millisle Presbyterian Graveyard

Millar family grave headstone in Millisle Presbyterian Graveyard


James Jamison was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ann Jamison (nee Muckle) who were married on 31 May 1855 in Carrowdore Presbyterian Church.

The Jamison family lived in Kirkistown, Cloughey and Millisle.

Joseph Jamison worked as a blacksmith, then as a teacher and he and Elizabeth Ann had at least eight children:

James (born around 1855/1856)

William John (born around 1857/1858; died 19 April 1878 aged 20)

Maggie Jane (born around 1860/1861; died 10 February 1883 aged 22)

Armenia (born around 1863/1864; died 15 February 1883 aged 19)

Eliza Ann (Lizzie, born 5 October 1865 in Kirkistown; died 15 March 1887 aged 21)

Mary (born 15 April 1868 in Kirkistown)

Joseph David (born 26 March 1871 in Cloughey)

Jeanette (born 12 January 1874 in Millisle)

Joseph Jamison died on 12 January 1912 (aged 83) and Elizabeth Ann Jamison died on 6 December 1914 (aged 88).

James Jamison worked as a blacksmith and then as a fireman on a steamboat and he and Jane Millar (sometimes Miller) were married on 23 September 1878 in Ballygrainey Presbyterian Church.  James Jamison, a blacksmith from Millisle was a son of Joseph Jamison, a National School teacher.  Jane Miller from Millisle was a daughter of James Miller, a National School teacher.

They lived in Burnside Cottage, Millisle and had at least ten children:

William John (born 7 December 1879 in Millisle)

James (born 20 January 1882 in Millisle)

Alexander Carroll (born 5 April 1884 in Millisle; died 2 April 1885 aged 1)

Alexander Carroll (born 2 March 1886 in Millisle)

Annie Brown (born 22 July 1888 in Millisle)

David Joseph (born 1 January 1891 in Millisle)

Angus Adair (born 27 November 1892 in Millisle)

Samuel Millar (born 8 October 1895 in Millisle)

Robert McKinley (born 19 May 1897 in Millisle)

George Smith (born 16 November 1898 in Millisle)

Jane Jamison died on 28 June 1929 (aged 73).

James Jamison was a seaman and during the Great War he served as a greaser in the Mercantile Marine Reserve.

Greaser James Jamison died of dysentery at the Dardanelles on 27 August 1915 and he was buried at sea.  He was serving aboard H.M.S. Redbreast when he died.  Built in 1908 by A & J Inglis of Glasgow, H.M.S. Redbreast was owned by G & J Burns Ltd.  She was hired by the Royal Navy as a fleet messenger between 17 July 1915 and 15 July 1917 when she was sunk in the Aegean Sea by the German submarine UC 38.

Greaser James Jamison is commemorated on Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon; on Donaghadee and District War Memorial; in Millisle Presbyterian Church and on both the Jamison and Millar family grave headstones in Millisle Presbyterian Graveyard.

Four of James Jamison’s sons were on active service during the Great War:

Lieutenant Robert Jamison served in the Royal Air Force and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Lieutenant Samuel Jamison and Corporal George Jamison served in the Royal Irish Rifles.

Corporal David Jamison served in the Canadian Mounted Rifles.