Hunter, William (No. 16/347)

Hunter, William


No. 16/347, 16th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles

Died of wounds on Monday 29 April 1918


Holywood Cemetery, Co. Down (Grave 36, in South-West part)


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Journey of Remembering Belfast Book of Honour


In the Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914 – 1919 database it is recorded that William Hunter was born in County Antrim, lived in Belfast and enlisted in Lurgan.

Sergeant William Hunter served with the 16th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles in the 36th Ulster Division and he died of wounds on 29 April 1918.

Sergeant William Hunter was buried in Holywood Cemetery and there is an inscription on his CWGC headstone:


In CWGC records his next-of-kin was Mrs M. Hoy, 16 Summer Street, Clifton Park Avenue, Belfast.

Mrs Martha Hoy was Sergeant William Hunter’s aunt and on 18 March 1919 two documents were accepted as evidence of a valid nuncupative will.  On 21 January 1919, his brother John declared that William had stated verbally he was leaving all his money to his aunt Martha, should anything happen to him.  The Rev W.J. Baird, Minister of Agnes Street Presbyterian Church vouched for John’s honesty.  The Rev Baird explained that the Hunters, two brothers and a sister had come under the guardianship of their aunt, Martha Hoy, when their mother died ‘about eight years ago’.  Since then the sister had died, leaving John as the sole survivor.

Sergeant William Hunter is commemorated in the Belfast Book of Honour (Page 283).