Hassan, Alexander

Hassan, Alexander (Sandy)


Trinity Presbyterian Church Bangor

Brother of Captain Henry Hassan SS Belgian Prince, Mercantile Marine

Brother of Rifleman William Hassan (No. 10451)


In some records his surname is spelt Hasson.

The name Alexander Hassan is listed on the War Memorial Plaque in Trinity Presbyterian Church Bangor and, in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) Roll of Honour 1914 – 1919 for that church, his address is given as 1 Brunswick Road, Bangor.

Alexander Hassan’s grand-daughter has confirmed that Alexander Hassan did not die in the Great War, although two of his brothers did die – Henry and William.

Alexander Hassan was born on 21 March 1878 in Main Street, Bangor and he was a son of Alexander and Eliza (Lizzie) Hassan (nee Harrison) who were married on 11 September 1871 in First Bangor Presbyterian Church.

The Hassan family lived in Main Street, Bangor and at 1 Brunswick Road, Bangor.

Alexander and Eliza Hassan (nee Harrison) had eight children:

Henry (born 8 June 1872 in Bangor)

John (born 14 March 1874 in Bangor)

Jane (born 14 March 1876 in Bangor)

Alexander (born 21 March 1878 in Main Street, Bangor)

Lena (born 8 September 1881 in Bangor)

Hugh (born 9 December 1885 in Brunswick Road, Bangor)

William (born 27 March 1889 in Brunswick Road, Bangor)

James (born 30 January 1892 in Brunswick Road, Bangor)

At least two of these children were baptised in Trinity Presbyterian Church Bangor.  Alexander Hassan Senior worked as a jobbing mason and in August 1916 he suffered a near fatal accident in his own garden when he stood on a wasps’ nest.  He was stung so many times that initially his life was thought to be in danger although he did eventually recover.

Alexander Hassan joined the Royal Navy on 21 October 1897 for a period of twelve years.  After that he worked as a fireman at Vickers Armstrong on the banks of the River Tyne and in 1912 he and Mary Ann (Minnie) Mulligan were married in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  They had four children – William, Noreen and Kathleen (stillborn twins) and Sheila.

During the Great War, Alexander Hassan served in the Royal Naval Reserve and he was demobilised on 3 April 1919.

Alexander Hassan returned to work at Vickers Armstrong and he died in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 9 April 1959.