Hardy to Heininger

Captain Harold Hardy

13th & 12th Battalions Royal Irish Rifles

Lance Corporal John Alexander Hare

No. 17832 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

Sapper Joseph Hare

No. 64344 150th Field Company Royal Engineers

Ex-Lieutenant Alexander Harper

3rd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

Private Henry Harper

No. 21119 9th Battalion Princess Victoria’s (Royal Irish Fusiliers)

Private Henry Harpur

Holywood and District War Memorial

Rifleman James Harris (served as Rifleman James McIlwrath)

No. 13153 8th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

Lance Corporal Thomas Harris

No. 9590 1st Battalion Connaught Rangers

Sergeant Leslie John Harrison

No. 113251 1st Battalion Special Brigade Royal Engineers

Lance Sergeant Robert Bell Harrison

No. 2249 1st Battalion Irish Guards

Rifleman Thomas James Harrison MM

No. 17838 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

Lieutenant Andrew Chichester Hart

109th Company Machine Gun Corps

Private David Harvey

No. 241092 1st/5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders

Ex-Rifleman John Harvey

No. 17790 13th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

Ex-Rifleman Robert Harvey

No. 275368 Labour Corps

Thomas Harvey

See Thomas Simpson

Captain Cyril Gerrard Haselden

Royal Engineers attached Australian Corps HQ

Alexander Hassan

Trinity Presbyterian Church Bangor

Captain Henry Hassan

SS Belgian Prince Mercantile Marine

Rifleman William Hassan

No. 10451 2nd Battalion (6th Legion) Royal Irish Rifles

Rifleman Albert Hawthorne

No. 2534 12th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles

Lance Corporal Robert Newton Hawthorne

3rd Battalion Canterbury Regiment New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Company Sergeant Major Arthur Haymes MID

No. 7686 1st Battalion Norfolk Regiment

Private James Healy

No. 5154 2nd Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers

Private Edward Heaney

No. 30501 11th Battalion East Lancashire Regiment

J Heaney

Helen’s Bay Presbyterian Church

Rifleman Robert Heaney

No. 20/330 1st/8th London Regiment London Irish Rifles

Rifleman Rudolph Otto Waldemar Heininger

No. 737 11th Battalion Royal Irish Rifles