Goodchild, D

Goodchild, D


Helen’s Bay Presbyterian Church


In A History of Helen’s Bay Presbyterian Church compiled by Margaret A.K. Garner in 1958 she commented that ‘the 1914 – 1918 War years were difficult for the Helen’s Bay congregation’.

She went on to say, ‘there has been considerable difficulty in compiling a complete Roll of Honour and the list printed may contain the names of members of other churches’.

Under the heading 1914 – 1918 In Memoriam 19 names were listed:

S Brownrigg

J A Craig

G Foster

A W V Green

W Gilpin

D Goodchild

A Hollywood

J Hollywood

J Heaney

E Heaney

W Irwin

H Milligan

W Morrison

F Morrow

W Patterson

L Porter

H Sheals

J Torrance

J S Ward

It is the case that not all of those listed died in the Great War.

Sergeant Pilot David John Goodchild was a Second World War Casualty who was killed in an aircraft accident on Tuesday 9 March 1943.  He was buried in Streatham Park Cemetery, Surrey, England.