Gildea, Patrick

Gildea, Patrick (Paddy)


Mercantile Marine

Died of disease on Thursday 28 August 1919 

(aged 45 from birth records; aged 38 from death certificate)


Old Abbey Churchyard, Bangor, Co Down


Seaman Patrick Gildea died on 28 August 1919 and his family commemorated his death by placing In Memoriam notices in the Northern Whig in 1923, 1924 and 1925.  The wording in these notices was as follows:


In loving memory of Patrick Gildea (Paddy)

Who died on 28th August 1919 (from the result of enemy submarine action)

And was interred in the Old Abbey Churchyard, Bangor

Inserted by the Family

Westminster Terrace, Bangor

Patrick Gildea was a son of Peter and Mary Gildea (nee Plunkett) who were married on 1 December 1864 in Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire) Roman Catholic Church, Co Dublin.  Peter Gildea was a Coast Guard in the Royal Navy and he and Mary had seven children:

Sarah (born 17 February 1866 in Lackagh, Portnoo, Co Donegal)

Marianne (born 15 October 1867 in Lackagh, Portnoo, Co Donegal)

Dora Bridget (born 2 December 1869 in Lackagh, Portnoo, Co Donegal)

James Thomas (born 28 December 1871 in County Clare)

Patrick (born 17 October 1873 in Ennistymon, County Clare)

Peter (born 11 February 1876 in County Galway)

Edward Ignatius (sometimes Edward Austin, baptised 15 October 1878 in the Aran Islands, Co Galway)

In the 23 May 1896 edition of the Flag of Ireland it was reported that, on the previous Sunday afternoon, Edward Gildea rescued a young man from drowning.  Described as ‘the son of one of the local coastguards’ Edward jumped into the deep water off Bangor pier when a young lad from Belfast fell in after the steamer left at 4.00 pm.

It was reported in the 26 August 1899 edition of the Larne Times that Edward Gildea died of haemorrhage of the lungs on 20 August 1899 at the Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, Plymouth.  At that time Edward was serving with the Royal Navy aboard HMS Devastation and his father and mother, Peter and Mary Gildea, were living at 3 Westminster Terrace, Bangor.

Mary Gildea died on 22 March 1898 (aged 57) and was buried in Bangor Old Abbey Churchyard.

When the census was taken on the night of 31 March 1901 Leading Seaman Peter Gildea Junior was serving with the Royal Navy in Malta aboard HMS Renown.

In 1901 Peter Gildea Senior and his family were living at 15 Victoria Road, Bangor and in 1911 they were living at 32 Victoria Road, Bangor.  In 1911 Peter Gildea Senior completed his census return in Irish.

The cause of death recorded on Patrick Gildea’s death certificate in 1919 was:

Duodenal Ulcer (2 years), Internal Haemorrhage (2 years), Certified

Patrick’s brother James was present when Patrick died on 28 August 1919 at 32 Victoria Road, Bangor.

Official Mercantile Marine records show that Seaman Patrick Gildea (923917) cited as his next-of-kin his father who lived at Westminster Terrace, Bangor.  Patrick’s Mercantile Marine Medal and his British Medal were issued to his father on 27 June 1923.  Patrick had previous service in the Royal Navy

Peter Gildea Junior (Patrick’s brother) died suddenly on 16 September 1927 (aged 51) at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast and his funeral the following day at 5.00 pm was from St Comgall’s Roman Catholic Church, Brunswick Road, Bangor to Bangor Old Abbey Churchyard.  Peter also served in the Royal Navy and was a Warrant Officer when he retired.

Peter Gildea Senior (Patrick’s father) died on 3 February 1929 (aged 91) and he too was buried in Bangor Old Abbey Churchyard.