Boyd, Robert

Boyd, Robert


Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Survived the Great War


This officer survived the Great War.

The reason for his inclusion on this website is because it was reported in the 27 April 1918 edition of the County Down Spectator under the headline Bangor Officer Killed in Action that Captain Robert Boyd had been killed in action on Wednesday 27 March 1918.  He had in fact been seriously wounded on that date but eventually recovered from his wounds.  He died in March 1976.

Born on 26 June 1890, Robert Boyd was a son of the Rev Robert Boyd (a Presbyterian Missionary working in Bombay, India) and Mrs Boyd of 2 Prospect Road, Bangor.

Robert Boyd attended Campbell College Belfast and Trinity College Dublin.

Before and after the Great War Robert Boyd worked in the Civil Service in the Malay States and in 1946 he was awarded the CMG (Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George).