Strean Presbyterian Church Newtownards



Strean Presbyterian ChurchN'ards



Simms Rev. John., D.D., K.H.C., C.M.G. Major-General Principal Chaplain
Amberson William Lance Corporal 13th R.I.R.
Bennett J. Gordon Lance Corporal 15th R.I.R.
Brown James Rifleman 12th R.I.R.
Copeland J. Sidney Sergeant Mtd Military Police
Crowe Hugh Sergeant 10th R.I.F.
DeVoy Samuel Sergeant 13th R.I.R.
DeVoy John Forbes Corporal N.I.H.
Doggart William Private M.T. A.S.C.
Gordon Joseph Signaller 10th R.E.
Gordon Claude R. Rifleman 13th R.I.R.
Johnstone Elliott Captain 13th R.I.R.
Meikle George Lance Corporal King Edward’s Horse
Muir Andrew Bombardier Motor Mac Gun Sec
Muir James Driver Glasgow R.E.
McKee William Private M.T. A.S.C.
McLean Duncan Rifleman 13th R.I.R.
McLean Norman Private R.E.
McLean Peter Private C.C. Highlanders
McLean Charles Private Arg. & Suth. Highlanders
Orr Hamilton Rifleman 1st R.I.R. (killed in action)
Simms John S. Lieutenant 2/12 Co of London
Stevenson John Private Seaforth Highlanders
Stevens George Rifleman Arg. & Suth. Highlanders
Stevens John Sapper R.E., Ulster Division
Torry Rifleman R.I.F.
Stouppe Norman Rifleman 14th R.I.R. (Y.C.V’S)

Presbyterian Church in Ireland Roll of Honour

Simms Rev. J., D.D., K.H.C., C.M.G. Newtownards Major-General Principal Chaplain Mentioned in Despatches
Allen Charles Ulsterville, Newtownards 2nd Lieutenant 6th Black Watch D.C.M., Promoted on Field
Amberson William Regent Street Corporal 13th R.I.R. Wounded
Armstrong William W. Clandeboye 2nd Lieutenant Black Watch Killed in Action
Armstrong John Clandeboye Petty Officer R.N.A.S. Medal of St. George Russia
Bailie J. Church Street Private R. In. Fus.
Bennett J. Gordon R.F.C.
Brown James Court Street Rifleman R.I.R. Prisoner
Crowe Hugh Frances Street Sergeant R. In. Fus.
DeVoy Samuel South Street Sergeant R.I.R. Killed in Action
DeVoy John Forbes South Street 2nd Lieutenant N.I.H. Promoted on Field
Doggart William Frances Street Private M.T. A.S.C.
Dooley T. J. Frances Street Private M.T. A.S.C.
Gordon J. D. Regent Street Signaller 10th R.E.
Gordon Claude R. Regent Street Corporal 13th R.I.R.
Heron James North Street Sergt.-Major R.I.R.
McClements Robert Forde Street Corporal R.I.R.
McKee William Forde Street Private M.T. A.S.C.
McLean Charles Mark Street Private A. & S. Highlanders Killed
McLean Duncan Balfour Street Private R.I.R. Killed
McLean Norman Mark Street Private R.E. Wounded
McLean Peter Mark Street Private C.C. Highlanders
Meikle George Dunalton 2nd Lieutenant King Edward’s Horse Promoted on Field
Muir Andrew Church Street Corporal M.M. G.S.
Muir James Church Street Private Glasgow R.E.
Murray Thomas Wallace Street Private R. In. Fus. Wounded
Orr Hamilton James Street Private R.I.R. Killed in Action
Patterson James Killarn Private Canadian Exp. Force
Patterson Joseph Killarn Private M.T. A.S.C.
Simms John S. Woodgarth, N’ards Captain 2/12 London Rifles Killed in Action
Stevenson John James Street Private Seaforth Highlanders
Stevenson Samuel James Street Private R.G.A.
Stevens George Kiltonga Private A. & S. Highlanders
Stevens John Kiltonga Sapper R.E., Ulster Division
Stevens W. M. Kiltonga Driver R.G.A.
Stouppe Norman Frances Street Private R.I.R. Wounded
Torry Alexander Greenwell Street Private R.In.Fus.