Groomsport Church of Ireland Church


Groomsport CoI FWW RoH

1914 – 1918



Pte Andrew Angus R Scotch Fusiliers 1914-1918 France; 5 times wounded
Sgt Hugh Bell 15th RIR 1915-1917 France
Pte Ernest Clarke 9th Ennisk’n Fusiliers 1914-1919 France
Pte Alex Conroy Royal Air Force 1918-1919 Home Service
Pte William Drennan RIR France Believed Killed
Engr William Higginbotham Merchant Service 1914-1919 Twice torpedoed
Major Kerr NI Horse 1914-1919 France
Pte Thomas Lilley NI Horse 1915-1919 France
Ross McIntosh R Naval Reserve 1914-1919 Motor Boat Patrol & Hospital Ship
Sgt James McIntosh 12th RIR 1914-1919 Very severely wounded
Pte James McCaw 13th RIR 1914-1919 France
Pte Robert Mitchell RIR 1916-1918 Egypt Very severely wounded
William Niblock MT ASC 1917-1919 Salonika
Pte Alex Niblock 12th RIR 1915-1919 France
James Niblock R Naval Reserve 1915-1916 Motor Boats
William Neill HMS Australia 1914-1919 Jutland etc
James Orr Cheshire Regt 1914-1917 Killed in action France 1917
Capt Arthur Orr Merchant Service 1914-1918 Invalided home
David Orr Merchant Service 1914-1916
Many relations of Mrs JP Maxwell and of the Misses Perceval Maxwell
Pte Thomas H Knox Lowry 18th AIF 1914-1919 Gallipoli & France
Lieut R Stewart Miller 1/8 Worcestershire Regt 1915-1919 France & Italy
Pte Thomas Smith 1914-1919 France
Pte William Savage Royal Marines 1918-1919 Home Service
Pte James Waterson Motor Transport 1916-1919 France
Pte Henry Waterson Royal Marines 1915-1917 France Died of wounds
John Waterson Sen Motor Transport 1915-1916 Home Service
J Alex Waterson RNR Motor Boats 1915-1916 Home Service
John Waterson Royal Air Force 1918-1919 Home Service
Herbert Waterson Royal Navy
James Tate RN Reserve
Coy Sergt Major Frederick Fry 1st Exped Force Killed at Lewes 1915
Qr Master Sergt W Witskowski Home Service
The following are connected with this Parish through residence, marriage etc but are more closely identified with some other Parish
James Bennett Armoured Cars Russia, Mesopotamia
Major Bagwell 1914-1919 Italy & France
Pte William Malcolm ASC 1914-1917 Killed in action
Chief Engr Nicholson Merchant Service Torpedoed and injured
Pte John Fenton MM Dublin Fusiliers 1914-1919 Dardenelles
Sgt Cyril Tapping ASC France Accidentally killed
William Watson R Irish Regiment 1914-1919 Salonika & Palestine


(Unveiled and dedicated on 7 November 1948)

Groomsport CoI FWW SWW Dead


1914 – 1918

William Drennan

James Orr

Richard Henry Perceval-Maxwell

Cyril Tapping

Henry Waterson


1939 – 1945

Robert Henry Cutler

William Robert Patterson

Robert Patrick Perceval-Maxwell

Arthur Fenwick Towry Steavenson

Arthur Hill Coates Waterson

George Victor Lowry