Donaghadee & District War Memorial




War Memorials 067 Donaghadee


The Memory of


Glorious Dead

1914 – 1918

1939 – 1945


War Memorials 070 Donaghadee WW1 croppeda

War Memorials 071 Donaghadee WW1 croppeda

Aiken, M.

Angus, J.

Angus, J. B.

Angus, R.

Angus, W.

Bailie, T.

Campbell, J.

Campbell, A.

Coulter, R.

Clegg, T.

Davidson, T.

Drennan, W.

Griffin, T.

Gatensby, S.

Hamilton, G.

Hamilton, H.

Hamilton, R.

Kenny, W. D. VC

Keith, T.

Majury, J.

Matear, R.

Melville, W.

Miskimmin, J.

McConnell, J.

McConnell, D.

McCready, J.

McCullough, J.

McCutcheon, D.

McKibbin, R.

McWilliams,  A.

McGaffin, R.

McGaffin, J.

Patton, W.

Patton, T.

Pollock, C.

Pollock, J.

Reilly, T.

Robinson, R.

Robinson, J.

Stewart, R.

Stewart, R.

Stewart, R. D.

Strain, S.

Saunders, R.

Skilling, J.

Semple, R.

Semple, W.

Semple, W.

Taylor, S.

Taylor, W. R.

Tanner, W.

Thompson, J.

Thompson, C.



Burrows, J. C.

Donnan, S.

Drennan, J. A.

Jamison, J.

McKee, J.

McKee, H. A.

McGimpsey, R.


110519 002

Adair, J.S.

Adair, T.

Brown, A.

Brown, W.Y.

Clegg, J.

Cruise, R

Dempster, E.

Gamble, H.

Harper, W.

Martin, R.

Mehegan, W.

Muckle, T.P.

Miskimmin, R.J.

O’Neill, R.J.

Patton, W.

Stronge, F.E.

Torney, T.

White, J.

Woods, W.

Vivash, B.C.

Bangor Bay 110519 003

Aiken, H.

Nelson, W.G.

White, W.

At the going down of the sun

And in the morning

We will remember them